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Dietrine Carb Blocker

Dietrine Carb Blocker was not a product we did an internal review of, but rather relied on outside sources. In our search for outside, unbiased experts and objective reviews we found no real negative assertions against Dietrine. While we felt sure that the first several pages of a Google search contained many biased reviews that were actually affiliates trying to sell Dietrine, there simple were no negative claims against this carb blocker. We were left to assume that while the majority of those sounding Dietrine's praise had a vested interest in doing so, there must certainly be some among them who were totally unbiased and the absence of any complaints said much.

Because we can find no one disputing the manufactures claims, and many testimonials backing the claims we will use the information provide by Dietrine.

"When you eat the foods you love, like carbs, (carbohydrates) your body converts those carbohydrates which are found in starchy foods such as potatoes and pasta, into sugar. Your body has an enzyme that is produced in the pancreas called alpha amylase. Alpha amylase breaks down the carbohydrate molecule. Then the sugar calories are either burned off as you exercise, or are stored as fat cells. If you intake more calories than you burn through exercise these stored fat cells accumulate. The result is weight gain. Dietrine Fat & Carb Blocker contains our exclusive, all-natural nutritional ingredient Phase 2. Phase 2 is a natural compound extracted from white kidney beans. Phase 2 "neutralizes" alpha amylase, the digestive enzyme, before it can convert starch from carbohydrates into glucose and then fat. Essentially, this allows fat and carbs to pass through the digestive system with less caloric intake.* The starch blocker in Dietrine Fat & Carb Blocker has been clinically proven to reduce the absorption of starch by 66%-75%. This results in significantly less net caloric intake. You can eat want you want and still lose weight! "


Dietrine Carb Blocker   Pross

  • Safe all natural
  • Carb blocker
  • Increases energy
  • Fast weight loss
  • Weight loss possible without dieting
  • Insulin function in the body is maximized
  • Glucose in body is effectively metabolized at a faster rate
  • Money back guarantee

Dietrine Carb Blocker Cons

  • Dietrine has no known negative side effects.



People who want to continue eating carbohydrates can continue to do so and still lose weight with Dietrine Carb Blocker. This fantastic product will not allow carbohydrates to be absorbed by the body and as such no extra sugars will be converted to fat and stored as fat.

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