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Alli™ really pushes the fact that it is the first over the counter weight loss aid approved by the FDA. It is specifically designed for people with a BMI, (body mass index,) of 28 or more. Alli helps adults have fast weight loss.

Alli is the same drug that was originally marketed as the weight loss drug Orlistat, only Alli is in a diluted form. Orlistat has been used by estimated 28 million people worldwide, and studied in 30,000 subjects in about 100 trials. Alli and Orlistat both work by making imposable for your body to retain fat above a certain level. The way Alli does its trick is that in our intestines there is an enzyme called pancreatic lipase. This enzyme breaks down fatty acids in the digestive process. Alli reduces the amount of pancreatic lipase in the intestine and thereby reduces that amount of fatty acids the body takes in and in that way reducing the caloric intake and aiding weight loss.

While taking Alli you must control the amount fat you eat because the fat that can't be digested must pass from the body and the major side effects of Alli are due to this.

Alli Pros

  • Safe FDA approved Drug
  • Stable and effective
  • Affordable price

Alli Cons

  • Anal leakage
  • “loose” or “oily” stools, with a distinctive smell
  • Increased flatulence
  • Gas pains
  • Frequent and unpredictable bowels movements
  • A reduction in the body’s absorption of fat-soluble vitamins
  • Does not make you feel full
  • Does not curb your appetite

Most of the negative side effects of Alli can be controlled or reduced by eating a reduced fat diet.

Orlistat in the original dosage resulted in more weight loss, but the dosage in Alli has been shown to be more manageable and a marked reducing in the side effects.


While Alli is safe and FDA approved, most people lose only a little weight and the side effects can be very embarrassing and hard to cope with. To control the side effects of Alli you should keep you fat intake to no more than 15 grams a meal. Many Americans consume 100 or more grams of fat per day. The reduction of fat intake would cause most Americans to lose weight without the Alli. Glaxo Smith Kline, the makers of Alli, concede that many people would lose weight on their own with a diet that's moderate in fat, but that the pill helps them lose more weight.

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