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A Review of the Top Fat and Carb Blockers and Their Effectiveness

Weight Loss With and Without Dieting

Fat Blockers, Carb Blockers & Fat Burners Reviewed

What's the Best Fat Burning Diet Pill


The Ultimate Fat & Carb Burner

The Truth about Automatic Caloric Restriction

There is much talk on the Internet, TV, and everywhere else about fat and carb blockers and the ultimate fat blocker, but what is the ultimate fat blacker?

We have reviewed both the pros and the cons of all the top products that purport to be fat or carb blockers as well as diet pills that claim to be appetite suppressors. We have used outside, unbiased experts and our own internal reviewers to compare and contrast the many weight loss products available in the U.S., focusing particularly on products which can be purchased or order online via the Internet.

Diet pills and supplements can be broadly categorized into three categories of weight loss products: fat blockers, appetite suppressors, and metabolism enhancers. Each category works in different ways to reduce the fat your body has as a reserve and thus help you to lose weight. Blockers either inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates, or fat, or sugars, or any combination of these fat producing substances, by your body from the foods that you eat.  These are among the products which some manufactures allege you can "eat all you want and still lose weight". The suppressors help to reduce your appetite. There are a number of ways the different products help you to not be hungry. So blockers work on stopping the food you actually eat from turning to fat on your body, and the suppressors work on helping to eat less food. Metabolism enhancers speed up your metabolism so that your body burns more of the fat that you eat and which your body has digested.

Carbohydrate & Fat Blockers

The carb blockers we reviewed are, in random order:

Appetite Suppressors, (Suppressants)

We reviewed the following appetite suppressors:

Metabolism Enhancers

These are the metabolism enhancers we reviewed: