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Goji Berry

Goji Berry, is a commonly eaten super fruit. The Goji berry had long been a staple of Eastern and holistic medicine Though only recently discovered in the Western world, the Tibetians and Chinese have been utilizing the powers of this berry for thousands of years. It is thought these berries have excellent healing properties, including the ability to improve eyesight, liver function, and the immune system. The Goji Berry is renowned for its antioxidant properties that provide a variety of benefits including increased energy and heightened immune function. 

Goji berry is indigenous to the Eastern world and has been used by the cultures of that part of the world for close to 6,000 years. You can get Goji berries in the United States in various forms, including dried, extract, tea, and juice. The berries are small, red, and tart, but are known to hold many different antioxidants which provide a variety of health benefits. The benefits of the antioxidants in goji berry include: prevention of cancer cell growth, protection from macular degeneration (a condition which affects the eyes and eventually causes blindness) and reducing the bad levels of cholesterol in the body.

The weight loss properties of the goji berry has recently seen the fruit becoming popular stateside as well, especially among celebrities and many stars in Hollywood with the Goji Berry being featured on many television programs and in magazines.

Goji Berry is 100% natural and safe.


Goji Berry Pros

  • Safe all natural
  • Prevention of cancer cell growth
  • Appetite suppressant
  • Fast weight loss
  • Protection from macular degeneration
  • Reducing bad cholesterol
  • Improved liver function

Goji Berry Cons

  • There are no known negative side effects to Goji Berry



The Goji Berry is another of those natural substances that seem to have any number of positive health benefits and is a good thing to be taking aside from the weight control or fat loss benefits.

The goji berry in whole form is one of the best foods for the body on the planet. As with any other natural substance, processing may take away some of the great health benefits. 

Goji Berry looks like another "super-food." 


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